Owner FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions

  • How is the applicant screen process handled?

    We submit applications to a third-party impartial company to obtain credit, background, eviction history, rental history and employment verifications. 

  • What is a reserve account and how much is required?

    A reserve account is for incidental expenses that may occur after an owner disbursement. The current reserve requirement is $300 on multiple properties under the same ownership, or $500 per single property.

  • How is the reserve account funded and is it refundable?

    The reserve account is funded initially by an owner contribution to the account. Any future expense to the account will be replenished with revenue into the account (owner contribution, rent income, etc.). These funds are refundable upon the termination of the management agreement, provided the owner has no outstanding balance and the account is in good standing.

  • When and how are revenues disbursed?

    We process owner disbursements by direct deposit in the middle of each month. The exact day depends on the month, weekends and bank holidays that occur in that month.

  • How and when are financial statements provided?

    Statements are provided monthly and are accessible any time through an owner’s portal. When an owner disbursement is processed, the owner statement is delivered via email and posted to the owner portal.

  • When are interior inspections conducted?

    Inspections are conducted at Move-In, Move-Out and 6-month intervals. The basis of the visual inspection is a preventive measure.

    The inspection is not a home inspection one would receive from a licensed home inspector when purchasing a property.

  • How soon can management start on my property?

    As soon as you would like. Our team will analyze, make recommendations, and comprise an action plan to fit your time line.

Disclosure: The indicated information is subject to change. Landlord/tenant laws are always changing. We work diligently and continue to improve our services and remain current with all landlord/tenant legislation.